A "PASSPORT" is the only reliable and universally accepted travel and identification document available to people for the "purpose of International Travel " and it proves that you have a right to return to your country.

Please remember to
renew your passport before it expires. You may need it unexpectedly and/or urgently in the future.

* Some countries require that your passport be valid for six months beyond your date of entry.

* U.S. law requires
Canadians to present a valid passport to enter to USA by water, by land and by air.
(exception :

Please use the
same name that appears on your passport when requesting a reservation.

Starting on July 1, 2013, all new Canadian passports issued will be electronic passports, or ePassports. At that time, adult applicants will have the option of a 5- or 10-year ePassport for both first-time applications and renewals, while children's ePassports will be issued for a maximum of 5 years.