1) Online BOOKING ENGINE is an online reservation system to "make a booking" ONLY. Engine uses our office's special fares.
2) Booking engine does NOT issue/change/refund a ticket automaticaly. Your online "reservations" will be "ticketed" in our office by our agents during our business hours. Please remember; Reservations are subject to final approval of our office for ticketing.
3) Any booking made on the last day of a sale program or ticketing limit and after our office business hours (pls. see in "contact us" section), will be subject to the new available fare and exchange rate (if trip originates in another country), on the following business day. If you do not receive your TICKET in 24 hrs. please contact to our office.
4) First day to make a booking is 3 days and the latest days is 10,5 months beyond "today's date".
5) Please "scroll" up/down and left/right (when you see a blue bar at the bottom or at the right side) in some stages & also use "maximum stop", "airlines" , "search" and "select" buttons and "check alternative dates" in the second stage.
Please read "purchase conditions", and only continue if you are agree during the booking process, since you will be responsible for your booking(s)and ticket(s).
6) Only one infant traveler per adult will be accepted. You can book for up to 9 travelers (adult/child) and 9 infants (with 9 adults only) at a time. Children aged between 5-12 may only fly "unaccompanied" if they are using airline supervision service (subject to a charge).